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FOCUS Client NMAC partners with Moongate to give back on Valentines Day

>> FOCUS has great clients and partners that give back so much to the community. We are proud to have NorthShore Medical and Caesar's Pharmacy on our team, they are both very community priented.


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Following a successful campaign last year, MoonGate Group once again distributed its “We Care Packages” to vulnerable persons in the community this Valentine’s Day, with the company increasing the number of packages from 100 to 150, expanding the contents, and provided them in a waterproof tote-bag.

The company noted that they appreciated the assistance of a few of its own HealthCare partners and individuals who helped sponsor this community project.

MoonGate CEO Leon Bascome said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the Bermuda community; I observed a difference in composition from the last time we went out: they are getting younger and there is more of a cross-section.


Ms. Chantel Simons, Business Development Officer at MoonGate, coordinated the event and reached out to partner organizations and friends to create the ‘We Care’ packages. They are:

  • Caesars Pharmacy – Toothbrush sets.
  • Butterfield & Vallis – deodorants, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion.
  • Arnolds Foods – water and nutritional bars
  • My Pharmacy – hand sanitizer
  • North Shore Medical Aesthetics Center – Mouth wash.
  • Premier Health & Wellness – face masks
  • Carter & Hollis Family – Washcloths
  • Medical House -Soap
  • Kerin Oral Care – Dental floss
  • Avant Dental – pens
  • Crawl Hill Esso Station – Joseph Marable – Photography
  • Tucker’s Transport Ltd – Raymond Tucker – Taxi service



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