Join Us!

On Sunday,
The Seventeenth of June,
Two Thousand and Eighteen at Three O'Clock In The Afternoon

Mount Zion AME Church
#2 Mount Zion Lane, Whale Bay Road
Southampton, Bermuda

Reception to follow

We Love Each Other

Our Story

  • First We Meet

    One Spring day whilst Karen was walking home from work, Pop stopped to offer Karen a ride. She told him thanks, but her home was only a few strides away, thus she continued walking. In disbelief Pop drove off, wondering who was this lady that rejected his ride.

  • The Attraction

    A few days later, Karen stepped into the lobby at work and on the next landing Pop appeared. Speaking with a thunderous deep voice, he exclaimed: "Good Morning to the lady who did not want to accept my ride". Everyone within hearing distance rushed to see who Pop was speaking of. From there on whenever Pop saw Karen he would not let her forget that she had refused his ride.

  • First Date

    Days later Pop and Karen happened to be in the staff cafeteria at the same time. He approached Karen and asked if he could have lunch with her. As both talked together they learnt more about each other.

  • In a Relationship§Ó?|

    Pop offered to show Karen areas of the island that she was not familiar with. Whilst on that journey, it was discovered that the gas gauge was low and Pop did not have his wallet. Karen offered to purchase gas to put in the car and Pop was very much surprised. When asked how much gas the vehicle would need, Pop started stuttering. From then two unfamiliar people became friends and after planting the seed of friendship it grew into love..

  • Our Proposal


Please RSVP below by emailing us:

We are so excited to have you celebrate our love on June 17, 2018 . If you have received an invitation, you can use this form to RSVP, but to also email us if you have any questions about locations, gifts or anything else. You can RSVP easily, one time, for each member of your household that were invited using the form below. We look forward to seeing you there! Please RSVP by May 26th.

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We Can't wait to celebrate with you!

Our Wedding Registry

We just appreciate your presence at our wedding, however for those who can§Ó??t resist to give us a gift, we ask that you give us whatever your heart desires!

Love Karen & Kenneth


We are getting married!