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Are you thinking about getting an MBA Degree?

The National Black MBA Association this week posted a LinkedIn request for those of us who have our MBAs to give advice to those students who are getting theirs or who want to. As a life-long mentor, I value the mentors I had in my life and I always take up the opportunity to return the favor to those I can help in return.  I enjoyed my MBA degree from High Point University, after graduating from WSSU with my Bachelors degree. It was a great program, met some great peers, gained valuable work experience, did internships and am now using what I learned in my business.


Here is my advice to all you future MBAs:

  1. Networking is for life. 
  2. Barter system still works. Capitalize on it!
  3. Have your business goals in mind when you take your MBA and use the curriculum to develop your business and or skill set.
  4. Be open to the idea of entrepreneurialship. Re train your mind to do more than just work for others for life, even if you have side hustles. Think multiple income streams always!
  5. Corporate World (Bermuda/America) is still Corporate world so play their game to your advantage.
  6. As I tell my marketing clients,  for future MBA entrepreneurs, Marketing is king, focus hard on your marketing courses. If you need marketing advice or help, reach out to me .

All the best to you future MBAs,  you've made a great choice!

Kennette J. Burgess

If you are an MBA graduate, what's your advice ? If you are an MBA Student, have questions, ask me.

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