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1.   Social Media Optimization.

Yes, yes, yes, let’s start off this list with everyone’s favorite, social media!  I recommend business using social media to advertise their business due to the fact that it is not only FREE to do so, create business pages and profiles, but because it is FREE also for your customers to use social media platforms, their reach is wide spread and global. 

Also because it’s FREE, the negative side is that everyone has a business page so it is very competitive, and I advise my clients to be sure to optimize their pages. Strategize on content, get creative, think outside the box, use images and videos, capitalize on holidays and media events, and be sure to keep your profiles and pages updated, and post frequently.

Also, it is very important that you ensure you sue the right social media platforms for your target audience. As a marketing coach, I help my clients ensure that we use the right platforms for their target audience so it is not a waste of their time, because as entrepreneurs time is always money.  Yes, Facebook is still the biggest social media platform by far, nothing else come close plus Facebook owns other social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp so we marketers know they will forever be the leader. If you are kids-centered business, while Facebook many not be for your target consumer (note your customer and consumer maybe different) other social media like Twitter, Tik Tok and Snapchat maybe more useful. For my B2B clients, I find that many underutilize LinkedIn.

For those who do not have the passion, time or resources to manage their social media pages, they find a reputable social media management company to assist you do so. FOCUS Marketing has resources to help you if you need solutions.

2.   Create an Online Presence with a Website and/or a Blog.

Stop right there, I already know what you are thinking, like many of my clients have experienced before coming to me, you might believe websites are just too expansive for your new and small business. Websites do not have to be expansive. There are many FREE websites out there like WIX, but you need to have the time, be able to write content and creative eye to design and create your own free website. For those who don’t have the time or creative eye, then contact me to get an affordable website designed just for your brand. You don’t need thousands of dollars to have a website to have an online presence, you just need the right small business-focused company like FOCUS Marketing to work with you.  With your own custom website, you can control your security more, and you can also control what information you put out there vs simply just relying on social media which is controlled by the consumer and very competitive because it is free. Every business has a social media page, but not every business has a website. Stand out with your own website. This website can also come with a blog page.  You don’t need to be a professional writer to be a blog writer, you just need to be educational about the topic and helpful to your target customer, ie write about things they need to hear about that only you can help them with. Blogs also help to allow your business to get picked up with SEO Google rankings.

3.   Television Marketing

I know television marketing is not the typical affordable option. However, for my Bermuda clients I have secured some great affordable DEALS just for you to advertise locally on prime time able TV.  Email me to secure today!

For my North Carolina clients, I am currently working on deals for you, so email me so you will be the first to know when I get them.

4.   Host an Event.

Yes I know 2020 and 2021 we are still under Covid-restrictions, and many are finding it hard to host events in a building due to the low attendee turnouts or due to low allowed numbers in your regions and low ROI.  However did you know that you could also host virtual events? You can host virtual events on ZOOM, Google Meet, YouTube and other platforms.  If you host FREE Virtual events, many of the local media (newspapers, television, radio) stations can pickup on these and share them to their channels on thousands of followers. Many of the media also have FREE Community event listings that you could put your brand in front of thousands of their viewers. Depending on your business and brand, your FREE event can be anything from partnering with a local nonprofit/charity, to free giveaways, to free consulting advice to those who may not be able to afford it otherwise. The options are endless!

Now, for those who can still have physical events or a office/storefront presence or thinking ahead when Covid-19 is over or more controlled and safer to allow for larger physical events, your event can be a customer appreciation party, product demo, educational webinar or workshop, deal or anniversary sale, or other event to draw customers, feature your product/service, allow your customers to get to know you and your staff, and maybe even show your charitable side. Get creative and of you need help to strategize, contact FOCUS.

5.   Create a Google My Business Profile

Many of my clients come to me and are unaware of these FREE online search engine resources that they can capitalize on. A Google My Business or Bing page or profile is a FREE local advertising tool that can get you found easily on these top engines. These pages allow you to feature your contact information like website, phone and email, as well as information about you and your business services and products. You can also you’re your deals and promotions, upcoming events, and photos or portfolio items to your business pages. In addition to all of that, these pages also allow for your customers to leave reviews (testimonials) so other future clients/customers can see how great your business is.

The blog post is over so what are you waiting for? Head over and get started on Google my Business here , Yahoo! Yext here, and with Bing here . Not as familiar with Bing? Watch this video, watch here.  FOCUS Tip: Start with Google first and then you can easily input your Google busines over to BING.

In the new year, I will focus on other advertising strategies like running a contest or handing out Business Cards, all of which FOCUS can help you with.

If you need help executing or strategizing on any of these advertising ideas, contact me for your consultation today. Visit our contact page and email to book your FREE Consultation today.